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Responding to a customer's quotation request
Roesch Manufacturing Company would like to provide you with a quotation for your precision machining needs. To start the quotation process, please provide us with your requirements and manufacturing information. We will respond quickly to your request and keep you informed of your quotation status.
Requested Information:
Contact Information - Your name, company name, and contact information (Telephone, Fax, and/or E-mail).
Product Information - Part print, product specifications, material, required quantity, and lead time.
If you do not have a part print, or need assistance with your product design, we can help you. Contact us and we will work with you to find a solution to your special application.
Telephone: (517) 424-6300
Fax: (517) 424-6305
Phone (517) 424-6300Fax (517) 424-6305E-mail