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Roesch Manufacturing Company is a third generation company, located in Tecumseh, Michigan, focused on the future of precision machining. We operate as a lean business that strives to manufacture quality parts in a cost competitive manner to compete in the current global economy.

Our factory, constructed in 1997, provides us space to produce and assemble high quality products with room for future expansion. We are also a green-minded company, seeking to manufacture products in an environmentally friendly manner. Fluid recycling, waste material reduction, and improving energy efficiency are a few of the projects currently being implemented in our facility.

Current factory in Tecumseh, Michigan
Original factory in 1936

Our company was founded by brothers, George and William Roesch, in 1936. Growth came quickly as we produced a wide variety of products and provided customers with professional service. Over time, Roesch Manufacturing Company began to specialize in products for the power tool and machine tool industries, developing products and business relationships that continue today.

Today, Roesch Manufacturing Company continues to produce high quality products and offer professional service to our customers from our factory in Tecumseh, Michigan. We remain a family-owned and operated company, able to give you the time and attention you deserve. Through our commitment to quality products and fair pricing, we seek to build long term relationships with our suppliers and customers.

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